The business officer had that problem again. She had forwarded the forward to 9 people. Would she have to send it to Claudia? She hates to interact with Claudia. But she could just forward it. Would that be like communication? Claudia never says anything about these anyway. She’s probably an atheist or some weird religion that they don’t have around here.

It said that if you love Jesus, you’re supposed to forward it to 10 people.

Well, that settled it.

She forwarded it.

Right there in my inbox it was. It comes every so often when forwarding to 5 people isn’t quite enough for Jesus. Clouds with light shining through….scroll down…threats from Jesus…scroll down…Jesus holding well-behaved children…scroll down…flowers with dew on them….scroll down…threats from Jesus in all caps….scroll down…Where were you on Sunday morning?…scroll down….threats from cherubs….scroll down….a promise that if you forward to the 10 people you’ll get an extra bonus of good luck that’s in addition to preventing all that’s threatened.

She did it for Jesus