I found out yesterday that we could bowl this morning from 9am to noon for $5 each, including shoes. Even with a deal like that, there were only 3 lanes of us. Such is the Bible Belt.

What were we thinking? It was like being turned loose at a buffet after a year of Slimfast. Without bowling for over a year (the nearest alley went out of business), we each bowled 7 games! How will I move tomorrow? At least my daughter came up with the idea of Game #5 being bowled with our non-dominant hands. (She found out she’s an ambidextrous bowler! I can see a double bowling bag and a lot of picked up spares in her future. My left-handed bowling would have been equally successful with bumpers.)

We had fun! My bowling ball is staying in the front of the closet—I see an affordable way for us to enjoy some mother-daughter time. As long as we bring a few snacks and don’t let those $3.50 pretzels tempt us every time.