My daughter got her first car a little over a week ago. To his credit, her dad was very helpful in making this happen. He knew of an older couple who literally only took their older model Cadillac out of the garage for special occasions. A very reasonably priced, very low mileage sturdy vehicle is what a parent wants their kid’s first car to be. The fact that it is a luxury car is an unexpected extra.

So, this is how my daughter and I experienced a once-in-a-lifetime event today as we rode to her school for some pre-semester meetings:

My daughter was driving. As a new driver, she is still getting some pointers from me:

Me: Try to avoid potholes. I didn’t even know that one was there, though.

Her:  Me, either.

Me: This road is newly paved. I didn’t see it either, but it’s good to avoid holes in the road to prevent your car from being knocked out of alignment.

When we got to the school and heard all the talking, we knew. There was no pothole.

This is what an earthquake feels like in a Cadillac.