There are a lot of things wrong with my mother’s heart. Procedures to correct them are not practical, so she’s decided to enjoy the rest of her life with the help of hospice and without a lot of medical intervention.

Everyone in her family died in a peaceful way. Most of them died from some type of heart disease. Two of them while they were asleep. My mom says she knows she’s enjoyed a full life, and that she would like to leave this world that peacefully.

Her attitude is nothing but positive. They all had a feast of Chinese takeout last night after she got home from the hospital. On the phone tonight, she and I talked seriously about the quality of life, but of course our family trait of kidding around no matter what the circumstance eventually took over. I made her promise that if she wanted to pass away in her sleep that she wouldn’t do so between 10 and 11 on Thursday nights so she wouldn’t miss “Jersey Shore”, our ongoing source of a lot of laughs.

There are a lot of things wrong with my mother’s heart, but heartfelt appreciation of her own well-lived life is not one of them.