Today, I was in line in JCPenney’s. I had a $10 off coupon for a $10 or more purchase. The store was crowded because there was some kind of doorbuster sale going on, so the checkout lines were long. Behind me, I hear a voice saying “I like your haircut.”

I turned around, and the lady wasn’t with anyone else. She was looking at me. Did she have a wandering eye? No, both eyes were looking at me. I couldn’t believe it.

“Really? I have never received any compliments about my hair!”

“Whoever cut it really knew what they were doing.”

“Really?  All I do is grab the nearest gel and blow dry it upside down and whatever happens happens.”

“It looks so easy to manage. You’re lucky you don’t have to deal with the curling iron.”

“Wow. Thanks! I never received any compliments about my hair.”

We chatted until we got up to the checkout line, and I said goodbye before I left the store.

I spent all of last night worrying about how my daughter is turning out. I’ve put my whole self into parenting. This morning I grabbed some leftover gel, globbed it on my 5 hairs, dropped my head down, and put the dryer on high. I fluffed up the right side, fluffed down the left side, hoped for the best in the back and was out the door.

Do you ever get the impression that trying is overrated?