I know I’m supposed to be posting about that divorce thing and what happens after it, but for the past couple of weeks I have not been able to figure out what anything means enough to put pen to paper about it. Or finger to key about it. My last post involved my shopping day after receiving a $10-off coupon for a $10 or more purchase at JCPenney. Luckily, I received another one in the interim and I have a new story.

Today, after using my coupon, I used yet another coupon toward a gyro. I was sitting at my table eating it. There were a lot of empty tables.

I don’t know if they thought we were in one of those restaurants in Amish Country where everyone sits together and passes the platters around, but an entire family sat down with me. Yep. Mom, Dad, Sis #1, Sis #2. Then Dad asked if anyone were sitting in the seat catty-cornered to me. I said no, so down sat Junior.

“How’s school?” I almost asked the little dickens as he watched me try to control shredded lettuce soaked in yogurt.

I haven’t had a family meal like this in ages. Were were all facing one another. It was like Thanksgiving used to be.