This past Monday, my ex moved back to his place. I called to check up on him and he was fine.

On Tuesday, he called and said he was going to call the realtor to put the house back on the market. I told him I was going to have a lot of cleaning to do before it would be suitable to show.

On Wednesday, my lawyer’s office called to tell me that my ex had already called his lawyer to set up a meeting with both lawyers and us. I agreed to the February 24 meeting.

On Thursday I told him I’d talked to the property manager that the realtor had told me about. When I brought up the idea of renting since our property insurance will be canceled if the house is vacant, he said he didn’t want people in the house. When I asked what ideas he had, he told me to deal with it since he has a lot on his plate. Then he tells me, after I had already told him that I felt that we should leave the price as is until April, that he had called the realtor and told him reduce it by $10,000 in a month.

I will continue to try to find out about vacant property insurance and rental options while he refuses to discuss issues with me. I will have all my info ready for our meeting with the lawyers.

There is one role that he cast me in that I’m starting to like so much that it’s becoming the real me: