I hadn’t read any of the AARP Bulletins that have been piling up since I joined a few months ago. I’ve looked at the magazines before. They’re nice to read. Vibrant over-50 people all inspired and inspirational.

I took a couple of the bulletins with me to read at lunch. They’re not glossy like the magazines, but recycled paper is a good thing.

God, what a depressing lunch. None of the people recycled well. Once the first half of their lives ended, they got laid off, widowed, disabled, divorced or all of the above to the left and then things just got worse. My job ends in 7 days and I was looking for a little encouragement. This is what I got:

I’m over 50 and underemployed on a good day and am fine because I never use heat in the winter or AC in the summer.

WTF! I was thinking that I may have to give up the Sundance Channel temporarily.

I was looking forward to glowing like Jamie Lee Curtis in my new life. Is the bulletin worse-case scenario propaganda for some type of political agenda?

Well, I’m not falling for it.

I think it’s possible to be recycled and to be glossy, too.