Today I went to Bath and Body Works to get the 2 for $20 candles in my favorite scents: Fresh Bamboo and PS I Love You. I wanted to be cozy as I spend my last month in my room here– making plans, calling places, and doing paperwork.

PS I Love You is discontinued. Tell me about it. Fresh Bamboo is seasonal. What if you’re a panda?

I settled for 2 different scents the sales associate thought would give me a similar experience. I thought it would be nice to unwind with some blogging with my dog at my feet.

I lit one of the candles. It smells like wax. Now my dog left the room. I’m sorry, they didn’t have Dog Park Butt. Can you think of something that might give you a similar experience? If so, I don’t want to know what that might be.

My daughter is burning the other one upstairs. My teenage daughter. While we still are covered by homeowner’s insurance for this house that is staying so long on the market. Upstairs, the candle is burning. That would be a similar experience to all these Dollar Generals that are burning down and being quickly rebuilt around here.

Well, back to enjoying my similar experience. Did I catch a whiff of Freeze-dried Bamboo Flakes? I hope my daughter is enjoying RSVP If You’d Like To.