From what I figured out (human resource issues are beyond the scope of my former employer’s HR department), COBRA is a good temporary deal for me.

At first, COBRA’s retroactive quality made the Michael Moore in me suspicious. I can say that I don’t want it if nothing happens between my termination date and the end of my enrollment grace period, but if I find my head hanging onto my neck by only a thin thread of muscle tissue on that day, I’m allowed to be all about getting COBRA, pay the premium, and I’m covered from my first day being unemployed on for 18 months.

Regardless of what happens health-wise to me in the next month or so, I already decided to pay the $500 a month for COBRA and wait until I’m in Jersey to enroll in an individual policy until I’m covered by an employer. That way I can get a few therapy appointments in before my move.

Meanwhile, I found someone who helped me with the COBRA process. What’s great about email is that dense people like my former employer’s business officer simply forward it to someone else because they don’t understand how to do their jobs. That recipient, who almost knows how to do her job, forwards it to a professional who excels at her job. Then it snakes its way, like a cobra, back to me with all the addresses.  Today I contacted the professional. She got right back with me with the information I needed.

So if a snake bites through that muscle tissue thread and my head rolls away, I’m good.