Friday, 4am

This isn’t Haight-Ashbury, 1970. What was I thinking quitting my job at age 58 without one lined up? Am I at an advantage or a disadvantage having had a lot of different types of jobs compared to a person who has built a career? Will both of us be fighting over the same onion-rings-frying position? Why am I moving from an area with a low cost of living to NJ? Who will scoop me off the floor when I get my car insurance quotes? It was all well and good to get fed up with the present situation and decide to go where I’m happy, but how many rings of onion does it take to support yourself and a college student in Jersey nowadays?

Where does one go for these answers?

Friday, 11:20 am

The Price is Right. I think the contestant was a neuroscience major. I guess she was used to dealing with details and specifics. I’ve never seen anyone play the Clock Game this badly. The clock started for the value of the first prize, which the audience and we at home knew to be $480. She started at 800. Lower. 796. Lower. 740. Lower. At least then she went to 300. Higher. But then it was like 307. Higher. 311. 349. 351½. 356 and a shilling. 362 plus pi and a wisp. The clock ran down and she lost her chance for the second prize as well.

She just kept shouting out the game’s version of What if?s. She never went for the big picture and adjusted accordingly.

Maybe I should get my ass up to Jersey before worrying about what I will do should my alternator go next October 11.