I have problems with the expression “the elephant in the room” because I really like elephants and really hate to ignore things.

I understand the concept: Elephants are big. Sometimes you have to overlook things to accomplish other things.

But if I have to do this, I would rather ignore something I don’t like while having a sound reason to ignore something so big.

OK, what do I hate? Let’s just use a towering mound of “Sweet Sixteen” donuts instead of the elephant. I will never understand how people can eat them; the white powder that coats the dry nothingness burns my throat like terrorism.

The reason to ignore the big thing is that dealing with it doesn’t change it. Trying to get my ex to see another point of view is like expecting Stevie Wonder to tell me I look ravishing in pink.

Screaming the obvious “Look what all this has put me through!” would just throw a lot of toxic powder around to no avail. Meanwhile, I still love my ex and enjoy his company as we meander around the space unoccupied by the donut structure.

The same person who bellowed “Let’s just let the house go to auction and split forty thousand!” last week because I initiated a topic is now offering to bring dinner tomorrow and another night because he says that I probably don’t have time to cook. So, happy the NCAA tournament is winding down so we can enjoy watching Jeopardy together on those nights, I’m looking forward to it.

When this family spends our last few days together in this house, it won’t be phony. It’s just the best we can do.