Simon Pete: Hey, JC! Sup?

JC: Nothin’ much. Had a parade for me today.

SP: How was it?

JC: OK, except that this year not everybody was yelling “Hosanna” at me. Some were yelling “April Fools!”

SP: Oh, they all like you.

JC: Yeah, right.

SP: Coming to dinner Thursday?

JC: I don’t know.

SP: Oh come on! The whole gang will be there. DaVinci wants to get a pic of all of us on one side of the table. I think it looks kind of staged, but who am I to say? I’m a fisherman, not a Renaissance man.

JC: I don’t know. Will there be a ham?

SP: A ham?

JC: Yeah, with pineapple rings and the little maraschino cherries in the middle?

SP: I guess we could have ham. We are Christian now, right? We could have a late night—everybody’s off the next day for the holiday. What are your Friday plans?

JC: Don’t ask.