Posted from the library. No Internet access at home yet.

Ashley said she would be with me the whole move. After I paid my deposit she disappeared. Someone else answered my questions—I forget her name. Then the movers came on March 31. They were great! A couple of hours after they left, Indira sent me an email that she was my new original customer servant. She said that my pickup was scheduled for sometime between March 31 and March 31, and she would give me 48 hours notice. That was quite impressive.

Meanwhile, the company kept changing what mode of payment was acceptable. On Thursday I had to fax them an art project where I had to take the side of a pencil and rub my raised credit card info into a little box on the form. They said they’d call over the weekend to let me know when I could expect the delivery.

I called them on Saturday. Indira does not know when my stuff will get here. She said Tanya will now handle this. Tanya is to call today.

Meanwhile, my possessions lurk between the control of Inept Conglomerate, Inc. and three professionals who probably are like the guys who picked up my stuff—they used to work for a good, small company before it was swallowed up by ICI and they will know how to do their jobs when they finally get a chance to do so. I hope it’s soon. My brother-in-law’s comments about eBay and flea markets are beginning to sound possible.