Posted from the library. No Internet access at home yet.

The driver called this morning. My stuff will be delivered tomorrow.

He called back this evening. He said my street doesn’t come up in his GPS system. I told him it comes up if you use Google maps directions.

I’m already bad with directions, and here I am trying to describe roads I haven’t seen in 23 years. I finally convinced him to take the main highway. He was confused about the jughandle thing. After he thought he got it, he said “No problem.”

“Oh, yes, there’s going to be problems,” I promised. “I haven’t lived here for over 20 years, am terrible with directions, and I’m telling you how to get here.” And has there been a pattern of problems with this moving company so far (much of which I haven’t had time to post about)?

“There will definitely be problems.”

He laughed. I laughed.

I hope we have funny problems tomorrow.