Posted from the library. No Internet access at home yet.

I started taking showers in the yellow bathroom. When we were growing up, my father told us to only take showers in the blue bathroom. He was a very domineering person. So now that I’m back in the house where I grew up from 3rd grade on, I wondered about that bathroom.

I asked my sister whose been watching over the house and has lived in Jersey her whole life if there is any reason not to use the shower in the yellow bathroom. I thought maybe there was some water problem.

She said there was no water problem and it was fine.

This brings me to the point of this post. I am not living my life in chronological order.

My siblings have been kind enough to let my daughter and me live in the homeplace while my house in N.C. is on the market and I get on my Yankee feet again. I am now sleeping in the exact same spot I slept during my high school years. The shelf where WBAI played until 2 or 3 am is now decorated with a copy of Playing in the FM Band as a tribute to the roots of my liberal mindset.

I talk on the phone with my ex who I thought was my soulmate for over 25 years who ignored us for a couple of years who lived with us for a few weeks during his recuperation who now is acting kind of cold who may come and visit in a month. A relationship made up of randomly-placed scenes.

I visit the old/new neighbors that were my parents’ friends and am unable to go from Mr. and Mrs. to a first-name basis that seems disrespectful from a 58-year-old punk kid.

I will soon be looking for a job. With the state of the economy, aren’t we all sort of starting from scratch? I know if it pays well enough and has health benefits, it will be a perfect fit, not an entry position.

So after the initial rebellious feeling of taking a shower in the yellow bathroom, I realized it was 2012, and I made the bathroom mine. I decorated it in a black & sparkly motif, clipping a big crystal spider to the curtain. Then, realizing that all years of my life were in the toy box, I put the rubber rat that I caught at a Good Rats concert back in the 80’s who has since lost his tail, on the window sill to complete the accessorizing.