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As I sort through the stuff that’s been left behind in my parents’ house, it is not only the treasures to be saved for the siblings that are to be savored before going into labeled boxes. The worthless is also worthy of some attention before being kicked hauled to the curb for recycle/trash days.

Here I am only up to Windows 7 and I find this. Oh, maybe it’s like Windows 95—it’s named for the year.

The accompanying booklet promises that you can do multiple tasks simultaneously using things called “windows” that are left open. After learning a string of commands, you can minimize a window!

On the same DOS/Windows cusp shelf I have a hands-on lesson of why a floppy disc was so named.

His job made my dad computer savvy before people had calculators in their homes. But I’m also finding packages for programs that were just for fun.

I’m always amazed when people say things like “Can you believe it? A loaf of bread was only 39 cents then!” It’s not the point. Wages were lower. It’s all relative. How long did you have to work to get Wonder Bread to help build your strong body 12 ways?

It’s the same with the old software. It’s not really “cute” what people had to do to get results at that point in our technological progression. Their enthusiasm in enjoying the new is to be admired.

Software, I free your souls from your expired bodies and, with respect, gently place your remains on the curb on alternating Wednesdays and any Monday or Thursday.