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This post is dedicated to my favorite thing, coffee.

And I take my coffee the way the girl on Airplane! takes hers.

The “without sugar” began because I wanted to be supportive of our boys overseas during World War II even though I was born in 1953. My mom explained that she didn’t like sugar in her coffee because she learned to do without during the war rationing. I wanted to be a big girl and had some coffee along with her. My half-cup consisted mostly of milk, but, like Mom, I didn’t put any sugar in my drink. It wasn’t bad, but I preferred Cocoa Marsh.

During college all-nighters, I learned the value of coffee. It was a drug. It kept you awake when you needed to be awake. If you needed to be up all night, it would be too filling to add milk to all the cups you were drinking while you thought up where to strategically place the bullshit term paper words like “paramount” and “epitome”.

And this may be considered self-medication, but coffee puts me in a good mood.

I get really pissed off when people try to mess with my coffee. It’s a drug, not dessert. When Sid Vicious filled his syringe with water from the filthy toilet, he wasn’t using Hazelnut or Chocolate Mint Supreme speed.

Come to think of it, I like my coffee the way a divorcee would like her men—without any bullshit!