Posted from the library. No Internet access at home yet.

A few posts ago I was gushing about the NJ Promised Land. Right after I posted, I had two incidents of road-ragers on my butt—one on the way to Wendy’s and one on the way from Wendy’s. Wendy’s is only a couple of miles away.

I got all whimpery. Don’t they all love me the way I love them all, these NJ peeps of mine?

It was time to come to terms with reality. Remember reality, Claudia? You know, the real stuff that contains both the good and the bad?

There are three things that I don’t like around here. Only three. Three out of a gazillion isn’t bad. But here they are, from most to least important:

  1. The driving is much more aggressive around here than it was 23 years ago.
  2. There are no Goodwills. Consignment shops, but no actual Goodwills.
  3. People leave their shopping carts anywhere in the parking lot except in the cart caddy area.

My homies don’t mean any harm. They’re just mean drivers who thoughtlessly leave their shopping carts in parking spaces because they are upset at not having any Goodwills.

Someone’s naïve and wanting everything to be perfect in the new place, Lord, Kumbaya!