After our walk on the beach, my sister stayed with the dogs as my daughter and I did a quick trip into the gift shop. My daughter suggested we get these. The kitchen is shaping up into a black & white with bright colors look, and they are cute as all get-out.

I washed them. They lay drying on the kitchen table. Suddenly, my daughter said, “Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”


“Shouldn’t the black one say he loves salt?”

I looked at them, sprawled with their little cup bottoms drying next to them. Still, they were cute as all get-out. But then it dawned on me. They were cute as all get-out but they didn’t make any sense.


“Is that why they were on sale?”

Shit. Maybe. Wait, if pepper loves salt, wait…It was like the riddle about the two guards in front of the two doors where one guard always tells the truth and the other always lies and the answer has to do with the double negative. If the salt shaker is white and it says it loves salt…Shit, they don’t make sense.

“Maybe they love themselves.” my sister suggested.

That’s all well and good, but the hugging is the cute part.

So if you come over our house suffering from hypertension, we’re here to help. If you come over suffering from allergies, sorry—expect a lot of pepper sneezing because of the three holes in the white shaker.