I hadn’t heard from the breast surgeon’s office today after they’d told me Friday they were surprised they hadn’t received the pathology report with the general report. So I called.

They had just received the fax and it’s on the doctor’s desk. She won’t be in until tomorrow and will call me then.

Being nosy, I’m kinda interested in whether or not I have cancer. I was feeling a bit down today, and this wasn’t helping.

I have two landline phones. I realized that I’d mistakenly picked up the one I hadn’t programmed when I went into the address book to call my sister with this newest non-news. Apparently, my daughter had put numbers in, and I added the area code for my ex’s cell number when I saw “Dad” without it. When I saw the following, I started alphabetically laughing out of my sour mood:

Flobots:  ###-####

Serj Tankian, same number:  ###-####

I knew nothing of this collaboration, but I think my daughter programmed these numbers in about 4 years ago. System of a Down has no number, but

Yo Mama’s number is ***-****

I apologize for not being able to provide the area codes.

But these little tidbits prove that life is good. If you need a little more inspiration, try this number: