After I told her about my day, my sister gave me those kind words.

Never one to watch much TV drama, thirtysomething, which ran from the late ‘80’s to early ‘90’s, was an exception for me. My sister loved the show, too.

Five or so years ago, I tried to buy a boxed DVD set of the series, and thought I did, only to find out that I’d inadvertently purchased some bootleg set. It has finally been released since, and I hope to buy it someday when I have more financial wiggle room.

Aside from the fact that I feel bad that I bought an unofficial version, many of the DVD’s skip so much that they are unusable. However, I did get my daughter interested in the show.

Toward the end of the series, there is an episode in which friends and family are in the hospital celebrating Nancy’s having beaten cancer. As one of the characters goes to the snack machine, he receives a call that Gary, his free-spirited best friend, has been killed in an accident on the way to the hospital.

Yesterday was a very emotional day for us. Our dog, Grover, has been having problems with his liver, and the vet has performed a lot of testing. He’s been on meds and supplements, and we were hoping things would turn around. Realizing that he wasn’t responding, I took him in yesterday morning. Another round of blood work proved the worst—his liver had gotten much worse in a few weeks. They removed fluid from his abdomen as a temporary fix.

Meanwhile, I finally got the good news that my breast biopsy came back benign.

When my daughter came home yesterday, I told her that Grover was more comfortable, but that his liver is shot. We talked about the inevitable– euthanizing soon to prevent him from suffering. We cried. She knew she’d have to say goodbye to the friend who’s never left her side since she was ten.

After some time had gone by, I told my daughter that my tumor is benign. She looked at me, eyes full of love, and said:

“It’s just like thirtysomething.”

Sometimes we share common experiences through fiction. My daughter and I shared those DVD’s years ago, and she got it. How life is such a mixture. How love infuses the happy and the sad and makes them rich.

Yes, I cried, it’s exactly like thirtysomething.