Grover is having some comfortable days. We’re enjoying them together.

The Holidays

On Wednesday night, we had his birthday party early. We hope to have another celebration on July 24. I don’t think he’d mind having two parties and twice the presents.

We always sing Happy Birthday and Lang Sal Salava (our American butchered pronunciation) at family birthday gatherings. The second song is the Dutch “Long Shall He/She Live”.

After Grover associated getting treats and a toy right after hearing these tunes on his first birthday, we’d have to give him a treat after singing them during anyone’s birthday, because if Grover had an iPod, those would definitely be his favorite songs on the playlist.

Fun with Drugs

Hiding all those meds and supplements in bits of food doesn’t work with Grover. I have to put the tablets and capsules, a couple at a time, in his mouth, hold his jaws closed, rub under his neck and kiss him. Sometimes I think they’re down, and I see a brightly colored capsule jettison from his mouth. “No Monica Lewinsky!” I admonish. He knows after they’re all swallowed he gets his biscuit. If I say “medicine” now he gets psyched and goes to the place where he’ll eventually get his Milk-Bone.

Summer Breezes

The cooler weather has given Grover and me a chance to sit outside. He’s enjoying the sights and smells, as well as the excitement of watching neighbors’ dogs and chasing the birdseed-eating squirrels. And there’s always the frequently visiting deer to look forward to. As for me, I’m hoping to be saved the embarrassment of renewing my library book again.

A lady and her dog. Enjoying one day at a time.