As I began researching possible places to live in NJ after my NC home is sold, I realized that the area I’d been considering has the possibility of offering a very affordable and fun future.

For the first time in a long time or maybe for the first time in my life, I didn’t feel like one huge kneecap jerking from the patellar reflex test. I became energized thinking that I would be able to make it financially. This was huge. I had choices, and things would be possible. The area I’m considering is an adult community. My daughter will turn 19 in January, and that would make her eligible to live with me in one of the over 55 villages.

My mind thought about free time from minimal yard work and from downsizing to less “stuff”. I thought of a sense of community when I want it and privacy when I want it. I thought about being nearer yet to the beach while still being near enough to NYC and closer to Philly.

I’ve contacted a realtor who emailed and snail-mailed lots of stuff to look over. I’m going to wait for a cool day and drive down and have her show me around.

As I continue looking for work, I realize that I may need to take a job far from where I may end up, since, on the average, jobs north of here pay more. But I am finding some good, well-paying openings that are equidistant from here and my potential home. Just getting a job is the priority right now.

But it sure feels like a dream is starting to take shape. By my hands this time.