Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of my mom’s death.

I had selected the picture of her, my daughter, and me as my desktop wallpaper the day before, because I’m on my computer a lot, so I put Mom where she really is to me– living in the celebration of our generations.

Yes, it hurts that I can’t get her take on the 2012 Democratic National Convention the way I did with 2008’s. But Mom is more here than not here. Do you think she isn’t here when we siblings discuss the election?

When her mom was staying with us for a week or so and I was in fourth grade, I asked my grandmother if she were afraid to die. After all, she had gray hair so I was sure the end was near. And, more importantly, I was scared shit my damn self of dying. She just calmly said no. I don’t remember her exact words after that, but from that day on I felt that death was just one component of life.

I can almost hear my mom say, when I miss her most, “Oh, everyone feels like that. Missing people that die. But how did you like Bill Clinton’s speech Wednesday night?”