You know when you put together a jigsaw puzzle and do all the edge pieces first and then fill in the middle?

Life isn’t a jigsaw puzzle.

I’ve definitely decided where I’m going to live. It’s an adult community, so we can move there the end of January when my daughter turns 19. My daughter isn’t thrilled with the adult community concept. She said, and I’m quoting verbatim, that I will be saying, “Mildred, how about those flowers?” I told her not to worry, there will be plenty of people her age nearby—she won’t be far from where Jersey Shore was filmed. I’m sure that was a real comfort to her.

But things haven’t worked out yet in my job search. My temp job that I was supposed to start this past Monday fell through, and a job for which I had the best interview in my life was awarded to someone else. Neither offered health insurance, so they were not the final answer anyway. But they would have helped financially and could possibly have led to a full-time position with benefits.

If I get negative, things will be worse, so I’m going to keep applying, networking, and being optimistic.

I’m improving my healthy lifestyle, and have actually lost weight limiting my saturated fat intake. I know where I will buy my home. I’m enjoying my family and friends. My daughter is loving Jersey and actually won’t be far away from friends and places she would enjoy. These pieces are clicking in.

No job. A house still on the market in NC. Big pieces, but what a cool picture when they finally fit right in!