After a hissy fit of never finding Life for Dummies (although there is a similarly-titled parody available), the next step is a feeling that you should write it yourself. If nobody is giving me good rules to live by, I’ll write my own, goddammit!

This week, I came to the realization that I think people like me more than they really do. After a divorce, you realize you have the potential of believing people love you more than they do, so the like version epiphany was inevitable.

Is it self-confidence to be sure you landed the job after you nailed the interview, or is it a skewed belief? When you think you’ve found a new friend and shoot them an email and don’t hear from them, should you change your email address to pollyanna@…?

Negations of:

Maybe I’m not so great.

I’m not that relevant.

Are not called for, but maybe affirmations like:

I’m great but most of the time people won’t notice.

I am one of the 7 billion. I will influence the 6,999,999,999, not control them.

Might be good rules to live by.

Or maybe I will finally realize that Life for Dummies has already been published. It’s all those blank journal books in Barnes and Noble.