“In your seat interviewing you for an entry-level position,” I replied in an assertive manner. Confidence came easily, knowing my knock-off brand Crocs matched my outfit. I watch What Not to Wear, and can do business casual in a heartbeat as well as Carmindize my face with the highlight color in the corners of my eyes.

The interrogation continued. “Yes, I’m a people per…can we go somewhere to talk? It’s really distracting with all these customers milling around in the background.”

Again with the barrage of questions. “Yes, these are my references if you want to write them down somewhere. But I don’t know about calling them—they are very private people and need time for themselves.”

Do you have any questions for me? Well, she sure asked me a lot. It would only be polite to give her a chance to show how well she can perform under pressure.

“Will we be finished in time for me to get home for the Price is Right? At least for the showcases?”