Divorced in my late 50’s. Bad economy. Poor me!

I found the affordable place where I want to live, but I’m not doing well finding a job.

After a meltdown about how unfair it is that I’m in this situation, I realized it would make a lot of sense to change direction (isn’t that what spouses and companies do when they want to get rid of you?) and look into a career that will show job growth. A family situation gave me a hint.

A few days earlier, my sister found out that her blood work was actually good– one lab had screwed up twice in not chilling the vials, and those wacky results were found to be inaccurate. After being happy that she was in normal range, I began ranting and raving about how incompetent people could manage to get jobs.

Well, why couldn’t I work in a lab? Blood work doesn’t bother me—I’m the one trying to calm everyone else down and wishing I could be the patient for them since it doesn’t bother me. I love putting people at ease when they’re stressed, and am not squeamish about anything that the job would require. I also have worked in a medical manufacturing environment, so I know the importance of accurate record keeping and universal precautions. I would love the people aspect of the job as well as the technical responsibilities. Planning on working in a field that promises an increase in opportunities makes a lot more sense than a future of hoping I don’t get laid off.

I’m looking into a phlebotomy course that will be offered at the community college. I missed this semester, but one will be scheduled for the spring semester.

Nothing like an unfair situation to force me into deciding to pursue something I think I’ll love! Lucky me!