After purchasing the Sunday paper and highlighting all the jobs I won’t get, I need a break from the real world. That’s when I find myself drawn to Sudoku World.

I can solve a Cryptoquote without even trying, but any place in Numbers World is a vacation in a strange land for me. I think that’s part of the appeal. After solving a Sudoku, I feel satisfied, but unsure of my ability to solve the next one.

In real life, I often wonder if it may actually be impossible for me to make it. It’s the same with Sudoku. Are there enough numbers already given to assure that the puzzle is at least solvable?

In real life, I see complete assholes who are very successful. It’s the same with Sudoku. The answer is published, but the steps it took to get there aren’t.

This post is actually me taking a break from solving the Sudoku. Bye.