Yesterday, I realized it would be a good idea for me to drive my daughter to her first job interview. The interviews (not the job itself) took place in an area that’s seen its share of crime lately, and we weren’t sure about the parking situation.

I struck up a conversation with a guy whose wife was also in the group being interviewed. He is holding down three part-time jobs, so he gets to work overtime without time-and-a half or health benefits. I’m looking for anything while I bleed my savings to COBRA. We discussed some of our other challenges, the conversation always laced with humor and optimism. Finally, he looked at me and said:

Life really got strange, didn’t it?

I don’t know his last name, but I’d like to attribute this right-on quote to Reggie.

Our lives, and Life, evolve, and a lot of the old rules stop applying.

In describing our individual lives and our collective experience, I think Reggie nailed it.