A few weeks ago, I went to a line dancing class in our community, because you’re supposed to do stuff like that when you’re divorced with high cholesterol. And because they promised we wouldn’t be barraged with country western.

A woman with a camera asked for my name and hometown. She took a lot of pictures of me doing line dances. I kidded that I was glad she wasn’t taking video. THAT WAS THE ONLY THING I SAID TO HER OTHER THAN MY NAME AND HOMETOWN.

We get a weekly, small newspaper in the mail every week. It contains a couple of local stories and job openings that are already filled.

Today, I see an article about line dancing. At the end, I am quoted as saying “It’s a good time, and it’s free, and it’s fun.” What the f**k!

When I showed my daughter, she gave me some good news. In my horror at a very non-articulate non-quote, I hadn’t notice that my last name was off by one letter. A letter that changes the whole pronunciation of my name and that disconnects me from “It’s a good time, and it’s free, and it’s fun.”