The glasses I bought after ruining these:

were fashionably great. And technological improvements allowed even thinner lenses, which, to someone like me with extreme nearsightedness, is always a plus.

Or is it?

It seemed that the reading and computer area was off. I went back, but was assured that the lenses were perfectly aligned to the progressive areas for distance, the arms-length computer focus, and reading.

Even after needing to take off my glasses altogether in order to complete a job application questionnaire that I’m sure they filed as Magoo, Mr., I thought it could be my imagination that the glasses I have two prescriptions back work better.

Maybe my eyes have changed to the point that I need glasses specifically for reading and computer use, I thought. I went back to the optician’s office. But my intuition told me to bring the old glasses.

Before committing to buying computer/reading glasses, I asked the optician to examine my old and new glasses and see if he could figure out why the older ones seem easier for computer and reading. I’m glad the guy was honest and gave up a potential sale. In stating that the old lenses are thicker, we both came to the conclusion that perhaps the lenses being farther from my eyes could be the problem. He adjusted my new glasses so that the lenses are closer to my eyes. I said if it didn’t help I would call and give the go-ahead for the reading/computer glasses order.

No need to. These are now perfect! And all the areas I need to see are well taken care of by what’s sitting fashionably in its new spot on my nose.