You know the beginning of the Lifetime movie where they show the perfect neighborhood?

The movie ends when the guy across the street’s freezer that’s chock full of severed limbs and heads is finally defrosted.

No, I’m not really of that superstitious mindset.

I am simply overwhelmingly happy. Everything fits in the house. The backyard is cozy and beautiful. The neighbors are great. The house has no flaws. A cool breeze continuously flows through my being-decorated-with-my-quirky-taste home while the fully functioning air conditioner remains unneeded. Thanks to my brother-in-law’s shortcut recommendation, my commute to work has been cut 10 miles a day. Perks such as free bus transportation, games (including billiards which my daughter and I have already enjoyed together), and other activities. A nearby lake we haven’t yet checked out. A community garden I can use to grow veggies.

I’m holding off on Internet, landline phone, and TV until my finances get settled. But I know I can make this work.

A happy life.