I’m sorry it was at your expense.

Thank you for parking in your usual space. You backed into it with your Camaro, despite the fact that today it was blocked off with orange cones and yellow warning tape to prevent people from driving into any of the trenches that have been dug in front of the multi-units where work is to be done. I couldn’t stop you, because there was a car in front of me that you were blocking, and it seemed that you were simply inconsiderately holding up traffic to make a K-turn. But, in broad daylight, you were inconsiderate to your car, knocking over the cones, breaking the tape, and plowing over the trench until you were securely in your familiar space and the front of your car scraped bottom. Because, dammit, that’s where you always park.

I said to myself, “I can’t fu**ing believe it! What an a**hole!”

Then I saw the symbolism, and said:

“But that’s what I do.”