I always thought if you smash the wedding cake, the marriage would last. We each had blue icing up our nostrils until well after the honeymoon. But 25 years later it’s over.

I still have a lot of the videos to burn onto DVD’s. Since they would all look different now, I’ll postpone doing that. By the time the new technology comes out that will replace DVD’s I’ll know what the videos mean.

Meanwhile, I will deal with the breaking up of my marriage as kindly and as fairly as possible, since I’ll always love all the people who are affected by it.

And meanwhile, I have my beautiful daughter, a dog and cats, family, friends, confusion, my sense of humor, anger, sadness, fear, optimism, and sarcasm.

I thought this blog could be a place for all of that. For your stuff and mine.  A place to celebrate what happens when we give up our illusions for real life.