What Do You Think?

It always strikes me as odd when I follow the rule of bringing my American flag in before dark that the national anthem is based on its being out all night.


Is scary.

For me.

A control freak (?)

Throughout the house, piles of documents with accompanying papers of scribbled phone call notes, all with promises of who will get back to me when. Some of the when already passed.

Agencies, lawyers, physicians, counselors, schools, banks, realtors. My whole life on hold. Am I making the right decisions? Do past results warrant my trusting myself? How can I keep up my self-esteem? Will I go into a tailspin trusting all the “experts”?

Or am I looking for security when it never really existed in the first place?


I know I have all sorts of special features on my lenses. Anti-scratch, anti-glare, anti-social, whatever. But I didn’t see this coming through my spare pair! The lenses are permanently cloudy.

My guess is the water temperature is the culprit. This deduction is based upon another of my cleaning tips. Years ago, I was at an outdoor festival, celebrating blueberries in ninety degree weather, when my sunglasses felt all sweaty. I was very creative when I gently rubbed an ice cube over the lenses and then proceeded to wipe them with a soft cloth. I ruined them, too. Maybe extremes in temperature?

I’ve worn glasses for fifty years. Is this common knowledge? Or am I the “s” word? You know, selfless—sharing this unusual story with others to help them avoid my terrible fate.

Is the feeling “I can’t do this” really “I can’t control this”?

Today, as I drove to work after a dental appointment, there was a group of inmates picking up the crap that the upstanding citizens had thrown from their cars.

…on the Activia video diary?

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